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2nd April 2010

inugrlrayn11:10am: Pray For Rain
Title: Pray For Rain
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed,Roy/Riza
Word Count: 15,598
Summary: Ed disappeared back through the gate a year and a half ago. It's taken that long for Roy to really come to terms with it, and now he's moved on in the belief that Ed is truly gone. It's working out well until a familiar face shows back up on his doorstep.
A/N: Written for fma_big_bang. It was actually intended to be Roy/Ed/Riza, mostly plotless, and full of smut. It proceeded to grow a mind of its own, give me the finger, and this is the result.

A huge, huge thank you to elfen. She is utterly amazing, and I absolutely could not have pulled this together coherently without her.

Thank you also to my big bang artist, jojo_kun, who did a lovely illustration for the story. It can be found here.

The rest of my fanfiction is here.

It was not until Ed returned with death and destruction nipping at his heels from a world not their own that she began to understand.

13th May 2007

icedark_elf10:05am: Community Pimp
Pimping out springkink. It's an amazingly shiny challenge community where people ask for all sorts of shiny, shiny things.

Basically, there is a lists of fandoms that people give pairings, kinks, and prompts for. All sorts of fandoms, pairings, and kinks, including a lot of various ones, and range from Bleach, to Tom and Jerry, to seaQuest, to Norse Mythology. They aren't big challenges, 100 or more words for stories, and what artists deem appropriate. The catch is to post on the date that the prompt is given for.

This round is for July posting, and the claims phase opens up tonight at 12:01. Just go to springkink and check it out. You might find a lot of interesting things.

10th November 2005

ninkasa12:25am: New community.
I just created a new theme community: 40baisers

I don't know if I'm allowed to do this, if I'm not, delete this. I just thought I'd mention it.

Also, this has been cross-posted all over the place, so sorry if it appears on your flist more than once.

25th October 2005

icedark_elf12:29pm: New threesome comm
Well, I said I was going to do it, so I did. I made a 30 themes comm for threesomes. Check it out at thirtyforthree. Sign up if you enjoy writing threesomes and pimp it out to others. You know you want to help spawn more threesome goodness.

crossposted at onetrue3, fma_7sins, houseofsmex, and icedark_elf

29th August 2005

ninkasa10:07pm: Rock.
Takes place between "Winter" and "Charley"

PilgrimageCollapse )
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10th August 2005

baby_kitty_toes1:24am: [Fic] FMA: Of Apples and Carrots: Riza/Roy/Ed + Havoc: PG

Title: Of Apples and Carrots
Pairing: Riza/Roy/Ed + Havoc
Rating: PG
Beta: Rob
Note: Please let me know if this is not allowed. I will remove it if asked.

(Read Story)

8th August 2005

ninkasa12:59am: *waves*
Just wanted to let you lot know I haven't disappeared entirely. Just having comp issues and no time to check the comm. Haven't abandoned the comm, but the muses have stopped giving me bunnies. All my Roymuse wants to do is play Howl to Riza's Sophie.

I will update the archive later. Right now I have to crawl to bed. :)
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4th August 2005

miki0512:38am: New and a fanfic!
Hi, I am new around here -looks- please don't hurt me...I brought a fanfic for you all to enjoy. ^_^; Is not the best but is a start...and since I never written RoyaiEd, this was my first. Enjoy!

Title: Growing
Rating: PG-14 (Adult content)
Couples: Roy/Riza/Ed (EdWin HINTED) -Drabble-
Spoilers: None? ^^;
Summary: Work after work, the endless amount of paper never seem to end, but what if Riza brought up a conversation that spice up his work?

GrowingCollapse )

Please comment :D

X-posted on: FMA Community / Royai

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24th June 2005

akira_chan4:13pm: Twisted Love 3
Been a little while, it's all edited now. Enjoy!
Twisted Love Chapter Three - CamaraderieCollapse )

Yeah, I know...clinging to an inactive comm. Oh well. XD

1st June 2005

akira_chan6:20pm: Twisted Love Chapter Two
At last, I sat down and edited this to my liking. Enjoy.

Twisted Love Chapter Two - Crash and BurnCollapse )  

29th May 2005

dixieanime885:27pm: anime music video Fullmetal alchemist "roy and Riza"
hey you guys... just wanted to ask if you would watch my two music videos ^_^ they're fullmetal alchemist ones, so hopefully you'll like 'em.

Here's the website....

anime music video #1 (romance)

anime music video #2 (romance/comendy)


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22nd May 2005

ninkasa12:18am: I have no words for this.
Through a Glass DarklyCollapse )
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16th May 2005

icedark_elf6:02pm: Fic: Equivalent Trade
This is an alternate ending to ninkasa's Riza/Roy/Ed series. It splits right before In Silence and Tears. So what happens to Roy doesn't happen in this.

Equivalent TradeCollapse )

18th April 2005

akira_chan11:13pm: Twisted Love (1/?)
I've been waiting for this bunny for a long time. Forgive me if I run with it. ^^

Title: Twisted Love (1/?)
Chapter Title: Delusions
Author: Akichan
Rating: R

Twisted Love - DelusionsCollapse )

5th April 2005

icedark_elf6:28pm: Fic: Talking
I talked to ninkasa about this fic a while back, and now I'm finally posting it. Everyone cheer. Or boo, whatever. Let me know what you think.

TalkingCollapse )

crossposted to icedark_elf and fma_7sins

3rd April 2005

ninkasa10:44pm: New ficlet.
This would take place about two or three weeks before "Once Out of Nature". It would actually be part of a larger fic, but that fic may never actually be written. There is a group of fics with vaguely the same theme that takes place just before OOoN that have not been written. That may never be written, but have been referenced.

This fic would be something of a missing scene from one of those fics.

CrushCollapse )
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30th March 2005

ninkasa12:19pm: Future fic.
CharleyCollapse )
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29th March 2005

ninkasa9:53pm: fic for icedark_elf
Takes place after "Him".

TeacherCollapse )
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26th March 2005

ninkasa12:37pm: Sequel to "In Silence and Tears"
WinterCollapse )
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21st March 2005

ninkasa12:25am: Challenge #1
Let's see if this works.

I have two seperate ideas, so I thought I'd post them both and you lot can choose.

See what you can come up with:

Been given 24 hours
To tie up loose ends
To make amends



Whatever you want to do, artwork, fic. . .whatever.

If you have any questions, just comment on here.

And when you submit, let me know it's in response to the challenge. (in case I have a moment of temporary insanity and don't realise it)

If it goes well, I'll post a new challenge in about a week. If someone reminds me. *nudges who_shot_kr*
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20th March 2005

ninkasa8:07pm: New fic.
Takes place about three months before "Sailing to Byzantium".

Once Out of NatureCollapse )
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16th March 2005

ninkasa10:44am: Question
Would you guys be willing to participate in like weekly writing/artwork challenges or something?

Like, if I posted a challenge every week would SOMEONE write or do something with them, do you think?

*is trying to prod you lot into productivity*

It's lonesome being the only one writing this threesome, I want to read OTHER people's takes on them.
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15th March 2005

ninkasa11:17pm: New angst fic!
This goes about seven months after "Safe".

In Silence and TearsCollapse )
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14th March 2005

ninkasa11:27am: [sort of] smut ficlet
A note on this fic, because it is apparently slightly confusing. . .what this is is a tiny blurb in the middle of what will be a much larger story. There are things happening in this universe outside of this fic that will be address in a later fic once I write it. What this is is a. . .bit of information that is needed for the events of "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" and "Colder Thy Kiss" to make a little more sense and which won't fit anywhere else in the plot-fic. And this fic will make more sense once the sequel gets written, because it will go into detail that is needed.

This takes place quite awhile after "Sailing to Byzantium". . .in a large group of plot-driven fics that haven't been written yet. This is not exactly plot-driven.

ReprieveCollapse )
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28th February 2005

ninkasa9:39pm: Sequel to "Forgive Us Our Trespasses".
Present for baby_kitty_toes

Starts at about a month after FUOT and ends about three weeks before "Like the Rain". (Yes, I do have this down to an exact date. *g*)

And thanks goes to who_shot_kr for the help and the beta.

Colder Thy KissCollapse )
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